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My hobby that has went way too far…

Riding in January

We had a wicked good day today in North Boulder County. Today’s “adventure” was Heil Ranch to Picture Rock as an out and back. First time for me and boy was it fun. View the GPS data for the ride HERE
Being a new ride, I had to see what the pundits on had to say about it and what a bunch of whiners! It’s too rocky…boo freakin hoo! The rocks add a level of interest to a fairly mundane trail free from anything technical. For those who think this is too rocky, I saw your brother out on the highway in tight pants…be with him, he needs you. Anyway the trail is fun, the climb is very easy compared to the other rides on the front range (APEX, White Ranch, MT. Falcon or any other trail you could name here). It is well designed to make it easy and the descent to the picture rock trail head is really fun and well thought out by the trail designers. Thanks! It’s a little sketchy with beginner riders and other trail users but slow down, be polite and there are no problems.
We did the ride up from the road side which added about 4 easy miles and then did some trails which I’ve already forgot, but go there and have fun. Here are some pictures from myself and from Troy who I just me today at the trail head.
Everything shot today by me was done by the Canon G10, i’m liking this camera more and more as I’m using it for what I bought it for.

Gotta add myself first
Gotta add myself first

This photo is from Troy.  Me riding down some trail on Picture Rock.  Good Times, love having guys with skills behind the camera.

No matter how you get your kicks whether it’s riding bikes or boards (one or two with crutches) you need to eat here after riding, you won’t be dissapointed.  It’s the best or second best mexican food in all of Denver and that says a whole freaking lot.  That’s all for this post, I seriously doubt I’ll do anything interesting besides solve some time series analyisis this week sooooo, I’ll post later.

Troy flowing through the paved switch backs on Picture Rock trail

Scott getting funk in front of an old car. (left)

My favorite photo from the day…Just the boys posing for a pic on a fantastic January day.  Riding beats everything.  No matter what’s wrong with the world, go riding and all is well for a minute, and that’s worth it.

Boy isn't riding a mountain bike fun?

Troy, just riding along.  How much fun is this??? It’s fucking January!

Your fearless author.  Midride and having fun.  Now boys and girls…Go ride your bikes or whatever (whomever) you need to ride to have fun!!!!

More pictures from Troy…

Hope you enjoy todays post, there will be many more. Buy my house in France and I can live free and ride as much as I want! Check out Michelle’s site about what we’re doing with our suburban yard.  It’s pretty cool, not everyone has the balls but you should!  Have a nice day!

Happy F*&%ing New Year!

So it’s another year.  I’m fat, so what.  The weather has been beautiful here in Metro Denver the last few days and I’ve been side-saddled with a nasty virus, no riding for me.  I’ll hit the commute tomorrow and lose a lung in a meager 6 miles, fun stuff.  Any how have a look at my latest “art” project;

Not the best one ever but still fun.  When you take shitty photos, there is always some help in PS3.

Anyway need to throw a shout out to Victory Brewing Company for making the amazing Hop Wallop Ale.  Absolutely amazing, kick you in the nuts with the hops, deliciousness.  The balance of some great malts with that much fantastic hops.  Awesome.  12 bucks a sixer here in Denver but worth every freaking penny.

Will be riding this weekend.  Taking it easy (the only way I can) and pedaling Green Mountain and Dakota Ridge (if dry enough).

Hope both of you have a great new year and keep riding!

Photoshop on Sundays

Not alot to post today, didn’t really do anything besides hang with the family, eat some delicious Messican food and play with photoshop.

My buddy sent me this link to these guys over here and though they are probably famous and I’m the last guy on the interweb to find them, they have some really cool shows.  I followed the link above to do my own version and it was a great learning tool for many different tricks with photoshop.

I started with my photo of my favorite bike in the entire world, it’s a 1930’s – 1940’s Gehard racing bike.  It’s new enough to have the Sturmey-Archer 3 speed derraileur on it so I’m not too sure of it’s real age.  I pulled from an attic of a garage in central France that was owned by a crazy scottish guy, who will always be my favorite person in central France.  He has so much cool stuff in his garage and he’ll talk cycling all day long!  In English!!

Any way, here is the before picture….

Not over all good shot but It’s my bike and I love her any way…

Here is the after from following the web show posted above

I think it was a cool effect, hopefully you do to, enjoy.

One more, no before for this one just the mid way through.  I didn’t like as much as the one above.

Until next time…Ride fast and take chances!

Winter Bike

I have been a cycling commuter for my entire professional career as a data monkey.  I never make much of a fuss about it but today was a particularly snowy day and I just got a new 60mm 2.8 Micro Nikkor lens to take photos with.  So here are the first shots from the new glass.

Here is a close up of the front brake with all of it’s snowy glory.  For ghetto brakes these things really hold up.  I have about 2-3k miles on this bike so far with it’s original brake pads and they still work!

This picture is the complete bike, the Cayne Uno, I changed the bars, stem and brake levers but other than that it’s stock and bullit proof.

More macro shots for the sake of macro photography, I must say that the 60mm 2.8 lens is as crisp a lens as i’ve ever used.  I had the priveldge of using a 70-200 VR from Nikon and I think this one is sharper.  But what do I know, most of my photos are poorly composed and out of focus anyway.  Ha ha!

That is all for today, i’ll have some more soon and possibly it might be more interesting next time!

Home again, home again…

I’m home again!  In celebration of high speed internet and nobody killing my dog, I’m going to have a beer and blog.  Man…I used to be cool, I swear!

Steve eating a really huge cheeseburger
Steve eating a really huge cheeseburger

OK WordPress has changed and I’m getting used to it as i am typing on a computer that refuses to use ‘n’ when i want it to.  Anyway a few more fotos tonight

Old church HDR in Menetou Couture France 18320
Old church HDR in Menetou Couture France 18320
Horses in Sancoins Franc September 2008
Horses in Sancoins Franc September 2008
More horses or Cheveaux as they say French in Sancoins September 2008
More horses or Cheveaux as they say French in Sancoins September 2008

Todays post is really more a celebration of high speed internet and happiness to be home in Colorado.  I will begin to put some more, of something, into the posts for a while but for now, enjoy the nothing ness that is this blog

The end of the 2008 cycling season…

The end has come.  It’s been fun but it’s time for the real world.  In reflection it seems like I have just arrived, yet I’ve been here forever and time flys.  I don’t exactly know how to feel all those things at once but I’ll sort it out.  I’m leaving for Denver tomorrow.  I’ll have a ton of photos and charming anecdotes about my summer in the coming posts.

Sunset over Patinges

The sun has set on 2008 cycling…Talk to you in a while.

More Macros

I’ve been in a macro mode lately.  Sometimes it feels good to look at the little patterns in life’s texture.  Look at the ground and see an organic shape or texture that no one would notice and capture it with the camera.  I’m shooting with the D70 from Nikon and my “favorite” Sigma 1:3.5-5.6 II Macro set to 80 with the macro switch flipped. I love the $5 lens (current Ebay Value).  I want to try a “real” macro lens but for now poverty tells me that this one is OK.

Across the road on the canal side of the house.  The Virginia Creeper is doing very well, it’s also quite beautiful as it changes to it’s dormant state.

Shooting some organic black and whites.

Back to some berries growing from the same twisted mess that all of these shots are coming from. Love the angular shape of the stem.

B/W again with the branches of the tree.

And a creepy worm, it’s eating the roses in front of the house so it did not have a happy ending after this was taken.

Miscellaneous berries hanging on a tree.

Back to some pretty leaves or leaf rather in the midst of being red…

Enough for today, it’s late and I doubt I’ll post again for 19 days until my return to Denver.