Re-Fold the fabric of society…

Not everyone has the choice in life to work close to home.  I am not one of those people.  I chose to work at a job which is close to my home rather than take a job that may have been more lucrative financially.  The largest benefit that I have is a 6 mile one-way commute that can be solved through bike lanes and back streets.  I am a bicycle commuter.  I see single people in large vehicles in hurries to get everywhere with no consideration for anyone but themselves.  People are most often on the phone, by themselves, trying to stay linked into life.  Sitting in a car for 1,2,3,4,5 hours a day to make a living? No sir…not for me.

It’s interesting to think from the perspective of one guy (me) that it’s possible for most people to give up their cars as a daily part of life.  But if you talk the car people, I believe they’ll disagree.  So be it.  I hope for the day of $10 a gallon gas and fewer cars like our more sophisticated and civilized European brethren, for now I’ll know I’m doing some of what I can for the cause.  Here is an interesting link to an article from our weekly free paper Westword It is very bike centric (as it should be) and has some of the plan for what Denver is going to do with it’s overpopulation of car problem.  Visit those on the front lines of the good fight here Bike Denver dot Org

One of my favorite pictures of my personal grocery getter…

All for now.  Keep riding.  Will post again soon.

One thought on “Re-Fold the fabric of society…”

    Love you irreverent humor and tell it like it is commentary on the human condition.
    Stay Stong Live Hard or die trying

    Regards, LLFC

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