Back from the mountains…

So i’ve now spent more time in the Colorado high country than I have in 5 years combined. Saturday and Sunday we spent some time just north of Buena Vista in the Arkansas River Headwaters area. So nice… Let me tell ya.

Hot dogs over a rising moon

Saturday Night Supper, boy oh boy were those some tasty dogs, toasty grilled over a nice fire…

Buena Vista Trip (3 of 3)

The view of Mt. Princeton from our campground

Buena Vista Trip (1 of 3)

An HDR photo of an old fence by our camp.

In different news Michelle and Margot made the paper this Saturday with their thriftyness.

Michelle and Margot shopping
Michelle and Margot shopping

Apparently saving a dime is now popular…hmmm…Why buy used when a 4 year old from Cambodia can make you something nice that Walmart will sell to you? Different strokes for different folks i suppose. I wouldn’t want the Walmart people bringing down the quality of my local thrift stores and garbage dumpsters. Anyway. All for now…Cheers

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