Sweet old Schwinn #2

Sweet old Schwinn #2, originally uploaded by steve_mitchener.

More from the Rocky Mountain Bike Show…
I know what you’re saying, this guy attends one cool thing per year and then can’t fucking shut up about it. Well…You’re right. This is a photo from Luxury Lowriders booth. It is a sweet old Schwinn with great lines and even cooler headlight.
Any way click on the pic and see some more “great” photos from the show. I’m sure there are some other great anecdotes there to please the literary minds that read this drivel.

The website is hideous but the bikes and the people are good folk. Check em out here

Another View of the Rene Herse Randonee

Ok the above bike is one of the coolest in the history of all bicycles. It’s a Rene Herse branded bike made here in Colorado. To come from one of the greatest ‘Constructeurs’ of all time, it’s a fantastic homage to the old French guy himself. For the price of ~10k you can have one made to you’re exact specifications and you will ride it long into the cockroaches rule of earth.

29er with huge style from Victoria Cycles

A picture of one my favorite bikes from the show. It is a buttery smooth 29er 2 speed from Victoria Cycles out of Salida Colorado. The lines are so smooth and the welds beyond clean. The green, I could leave it or lump it but the bike itself is fast on the floor. Typical shiny bits of metal adorned her green exterior, including a slick two speed transmission from White Industries. One for the hill and the other for the long road home, pretty slick stuff.

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