Colorado Trail Section 2

Scott and I went for a three hour tour today to check out the second section of the Colorado Trail from South Platte to Buffalo Creek. We ended up taking Foxton road out of Conifer to South Platte which is about 30 minutes off of 285 so not that far. We parked at the trail head and headed UP. Typical front range trail design, straight up for about 2.5 miles and then rolling up to mile 10 which is the intersection of some road and the CT. Back was supposed to be mostly down but the climbs in the cold through the burn area were a little tougher than they would have been on a warmer day without wind. The down hill section coming into Chair Rock kicked the shit out of me, I got caught in the slot car wash that is most of the trail at speed and couldn’t pull out of it. Good thing my head was there to slow me down. Damn, need another helmet now. Anyway twas a good day we ended up with close to 21 miles with ~2100 feet of climbing, the Garmin said 2638 but it’s wrong most of the time but it did feel like it if that counts. So about 1.25 hours in the car back and all was well. Enough for now, click on the pick above to see the rest of the shots from the ride.

Here is a link to the technical info courtesy of my Garmin 301: Garmin Connect

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  1. Still have yet to ride from ChairRocks to the the Platte. Always Ride to the rocks, just a little ways off the Colorado Trail, chill, and go back to Buff Creek to hit some of the goodness in there. I need to try that section sometime soon.

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