And So it begins…

Fork #1 Picture #1, originally uploaded by Xvelo Designs.

The next pseudo-career has started. I’ve been a bicycle tour guide, a consultant, a loyal employee; the next stage is a bicycle builder. This one may go further than my professional photography career (doesn’t help that I’m not good) but probably not much. Mating pipes together in an act of bicycle building goodness seems like the thing to do. I love bikes, more than 99% of all humans outside of Portland, OR, and I am enamored with the engineering of them all.
The first bike will be an interpretation of my favorite bike from France. My Gehard; 3 speed dérailleur, everything on the bike was French. Nothing fancy but it was beautiful and rode/fit like a dream. It had it’s odd bit of quirkiness as will this one. If it is good enough (I’ve ridden it and it doesn’t break for a week commuting) I’ll paint it a funky brownish red and put the Gehard/Cycles Xvelo stickers on it. Keep in touch and we’ll see how it goes.
Fork number one. This is straight from the box. 22mm oval tubes in a simple flat crown with a 28.6 threadless steer tube. I’m using the socket dropouts as they seemed to be the easiest to use on the first try.
All for now, I’ll post as there is progress.


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