Doing a jig…

Chain-Seat Jig-4, originally uploaded by Xvelo Designs.

Today has been jig day. I’ve noticed that none of the factory bikes that I have are perfectly straight at the rear drop out. I’m doing my best to get the first bike as straight as possible. I’m running fairly long stays on this bike to accommodate mud and fenders so the jig is adjustable for this bike and maybe the next.
Slotted the 1″ square tubing for adjustable lengths. Not the best slot but it’ll work, good drill bit and patience with the file. Currently using ghetto threaded rod 3/8″ and some nuts and washers. This will need to be done better for the next frame if I don’t attempt the 8020 jig for the next project.
I may or may not post any more pics of today…Click the link in the picture to go to Flickr to see more and read some my mindless dribble about the process.

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