GIPIEMME Fork Crown, originally uploaded by Xvelo Designs.

Fork crown on the bench. This will go on Michelle’s bike when I get around to making it. I have about 4 projects before this bike but so far it’s going to be the Italian connection mixte. Lots of Italian parts with the lugs, tubes and components but it’ll be shiftable so she can haul the baby around.

3 thoughts on “GIPIEMME Fork Crown”

  1. I was curious if my bike is on the list, if not I think it should be. What do you think? Just curious.

  2. Your bike is coming whenever you want it E… You let me know, you pick up the tubes and I’ll put them together real nice…I’m thinking off-road recumbent fixed trike…Or seriously any bike, it’s yours…

  3. dude, I don’t even know what an off-road recumbant fixed trike would even look like, let alone how I would ride it. Maybe something cool, like monstercross madness? summertime!

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