Mixte Lugs

Mixte Lugs, originally uploaded by Xvelo Designs.

Modifying lugs for M’s mixte bike. These are the Gippiemme lugs from Ebay, I’ve chosen to make a mixte with high range gearing for Michelle and these lugs are the inspiration. They are normal stamped lugs made for a traditional frame. To get the mixte lug, i’ve added a piece of tubing that I’ve coped to fit and brazed them together. A bit more filing and some cutting off of uneccesary metal and it’ll be done. You’ll see these on the bike in a few weeks
There will be two new bikes in the coming weeks (months really)…I’ll keep you posted as they come about, I’m guessing they’ll be way cooler than bike #1 but both will be city oriented. Look for some new Phil Wood wheels and maybe some racks and stems coming from the torch. Bamboo is on hiatus while I wait for the jig, the stuff is way to funky to deal with clamped in a vise. But those bikes are coming too, a single speed cyclocross as well as a SRAM Red road bike will be rolling the brown grass. Lots of stuff and Ideas, all will be slowed by the new boy but we’ll wait till he gets here and maybe he’s better with the torch than I?
Cheers for now…

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