Ummm…Steak, originally uploaded by Xvelo Designs.

Supper on Saturday Night consisted of a 2″ rib-eye steak (cut in half) for Margs and I along with some delicious potatoes and onions served up with some fresh broccoli from the garden back at home. Boy does a 600 degree fire and grill pan make a difference on a steak! Two minutes per side and it was charred to perfection…
With most hobbies on hold right now…Sausage #1 still curing under digital controls…too much beer…and only one bike under construction, i’ve decided to do a bit more with life like leave the house.
The new truck and trailer are the gateway drugs to forgetting about the winter’s hobbies and settling in for hiking, biking and maybe even taking some pictures, we’ll see how that turns out.

Cheers for now

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