Quick Trip to Steamboat…

The family and i had a quick trip to the Steamboat Springs…

Somewhat impromptu we decided on Wednesday, booked a place on Thursday and outta the house on Friday morning…Perfect

Not a lot to say about the trip, it was chill did the usual, Fish Creek Falls hike, Alpine Slide, OldTown Hotsprings, Pizza, Movies, Condo, the usual…


Some Photos:


Fish Creek Falls Steamboat Springs Colorado
A View from the top: Fish Creek Falls


Fish Creek Falls: View from Below
Fish Creek Falls: View from Below


Backdoor Sports Steamboat Springs Colorado
Cool old facade of Backdoor Sports in Steamboat Springs

So that was the first multi-picture post in some time… that may be the last for a while as work now goes insane for a week or so and their is nothing on the horizon for fun for weeks…



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