Face of Dead

Face of Dead, originally uploaded by Xvelo Designs.

Long time no post… tis the story of absent bloggers with real lives I know. We’re currently moving to the new Chez Mitchener and will be out by Sunday. Our house is rented out so the gun is drawn for us to get out. Here is a picture of a Raccoon making wrong life choices… Electricians found this in the ceiling of the back entrance to the new house today. He’d been dead a while but not long enough to make him light. Creepy, Happy Halloween!
I’ll be posting some image and words of the new house as it’s a piece of work as the days go on.

Garage Pic for DR

Garage Pic for DR, originally uploaded by Xvelo Designs.

Messy garage shot for DR…
Brother is going through some horrendous shit now, for a better life tomorrow. Posting a little inspiration for him…

This is my wife’s bike, first bike in a jig and first bike that’s a mixte. Will be finished with 10sp Campy and vintage parts.

Weekend is upon us and i’ll be working most of it but in the mean time i’ll be firing up the torch and making some stuff happen.

Quick Trip to Steamboat…

The family and i had a quick trip to the Steamboat Springs…

Somewhat impromptu we decided on Wednesday, booked a place on Thursday and outta the house on Friday morning…Perfect

Not a lot to say about the trip, it was chill did the usual, Fish Creek Falls hike, Alpine Slide, OldTown Hotsprings, Pizza, Movies, Condo, the usual…


Some Photos:


Fish Creek Falls Steamboat Springs Colorado
A View from the top: Fish Creek Falls


Fish Creek Falls: View from Below
Fish Creek Falls: View from Below


Backdoor Sports Steamboat Springs Colorado
Cool old facade of Backdoor Sports in Steamboat Springs

So that was the first multi-picture post in some time… that may be the last for a while as work now goes insane for a week or so and their is nothing on the horizon for fun for weeks…



Doing the Jig

Fork Jig Whole view, originally uploaded by Xvelo Designs.

So, i’m using jigs for the first time in my short hobby as a bike builder. If i wasn’t usig them i would already be done with the complete bike and +500 in the bank account. Note to new guys, this is not an necessary step, learn to build with files and a good vise. If you want to be production, learn from a pro, not the internet.

I’ll be posting some pics of the frame jig eventually as i get into the final cutting and soldering of Michelle’s bike. Motivation is fairly low now so it may be some time….

M’s bike

M’s bike, originally uploaded by Xvelo Designs.

Long time no post with any bicycle related pics. I’ve been in the lab (and at the paying job) for some time. This is the first bike i’ve built in quite some time. It’s a Mixte for my wife. 52cm x 54 cm based on her stature. Lugs are from Romic in the 70’s and the tubes are the same in Reynolds 531 from Bicycle Classics. I’m geeked enough about this build that i’ll attempt to post more photographs.
Jigs are in the works, one for the frame, one for the fork. I’ll document those also as they come to fruition.



A boy and his new slide

A boy and his new slide, originally uploaded by Xvelo Designs.

Pascal playing on his new slide, thanks to the Valdez family for the donation.

Quite a bit going on around Chez Mitchener, we’re starting the summer garden, michelle is getting a new bike, there is an IPA in primary right now and work is insane. Hopefully life chills a little in the near soon to get outside and enjoy the weather. We’ll see, we’ve got some super major projects coming up.

Cheers for now

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