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Floral/Botanic/Landscapes Appremont Sur-Allier France 2007

Nothing new today. Working some shots from last fall taken at Appremont Sur-Allier France. For those of you who have no idea where that is, it’s in central France about 2.5 hours south of Paris in Centre. About a 25 minute bike ride from Le Vieux Moulin

I’ve been working with the black and white on these shots as I’ve deemed them deep enough in contrast and clarity to be good black and whites. They are not this way for the sake of bad photos trying to look good. Though they may be bad photos, the b/w did not make them that way, I did.

I’ll be on a short holiday to La Rochelle France tomorrow and Wednesday, taking the baby girl on her first field trip with school away from us. Yikes… Will be back on Thursday with what could be many more shots but heck, i’m still working on the last trip to Belgium. No time…No Time…

Appremont Sur Allier Chinese Bridge

#2 Some Cows

Cows at Appremont Sur-Allier

#3 Macro Botanic (Love this one!)

Botanic Macro Appremont Sur Allier France

All for now.