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Fruita on Friday

Not a lot to report from the Fruita trip. We rode as much as our old bodies would deal with and had some tasty beer and food.

Here is a link to Friday’s ride…

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Had never ridden in Rabbit Valley, it was super fun. The Western Rim trail was absolutely amazing, the pic below is Scott riding it. The rest of the ride was good old fashioned desert riding with some tech and some length. We rode the obligitory Mary’s, Horsethief’s Bench and Wranglers Loop on Thursday and spent a short ride up in Grand Junction yesterday with Gunny’s Loop. I should have more pics posting when I get around to them.

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Based on the design from yesterdays photoshop fun, It’s my vintage Gerhard racing bike that I keep at my home in central France.  They’re printed on American Apparel shirts so they’re real American and they’ll becoming from RedBubble in Australia. Click on the shirt to go to the store to buy it.  They’re only 20 bucks!  Anyways buy two, I don’t actually make any money from it but it’s narcissistic of me to want the entire world wearing my shirts…Ha!

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