Weird bug.

I seem to be on a bird and bug kick lately.  Why not?  They are plentiful here in the countryside and they tend to make themselves available for me to photograph.  I spotted this guy (or gal?) yesterday on a dandelion over by the forbidden forest on the island.  I have no idea of what it is but it sure makes nice pictures.  Anyone who actually knows what this is can leave a comment.

Photo below is a 100% crop of the original.  Shot with the Nikon D70 and my trusty 28-80mm Sigma on the macro setting.  Not bad for a cheap plastic lens.

Weird bug, Patinges France

And here is the original, slight crop and curves in PS.

Weird bug, Patinges France

Small post today, I’ve been working on some drawings that I’ll post at some point here.  But for now, the weather is beautiful, the power is out and a huge branch went through a glass door at the guest house.  I have more productive things to do.

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