Macros & Botanics

I’m having a difficult time making it off the property lately.  Yet I still find things to point the ol’ camera at and push them on the few people who read this blog.  I’ll start this way… I went on a walk with Thelma yesterday out into the forbidden forest on the island.  This forest is chock full of the nastiest wild rose vines and creepy biting plants you’ll ever put yourself in the way of.  Luckily for us the beavers of the forest keep the trail well maintained once you find it.

First photo, macro shot of a woodpecker log.  This was once a mighty tree, now reduced to a home for non-interesting bugs and only a few feet high.  Shot with the D70 and the 28-80 Sigma Macro. (All shots below are super low resolution so my archaic internet can load them to the gallery)

Low Resolution Macro

An interesting perspective (to me) of a log with moss in the forest

This one was an interesting shot.  We live in the middle of nowhere but for some reason the street a few hundred meters away has some lights on it that come on occasionally.  This is our willow tree under darkness of a clear sky at night.  This was shot with my 18-135mm at 18mm for 36.7 seconds or something like that.

Back to the “favorite” Sigma lens for this one.  I was shooting at lizards on the wall and this one jumped on to the memory card.

Back to my recent love of creepy bugs…

And finally some pretty flowers to look at…

Enough for today.  It’s tuesday and we have guests coming in next week for two weeks and then I’ll be back in Denver.  I’ll post again.

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