Bamboo Miter #1

Bamboo Miter #1, originally uploaded by Xvelo Designs.

Had to take a break from the real job this evening and vent some frustration/creativity on some poor grass. I’m feeling quite confident that these rigs will be as strong as a brazed steel bike with hopefully cool characteristics. Weight will be similar to steel but the ride will be similar to carbon. Shall be cool…
R&D of bamboo. First miter of the 2″ down tube to 2″ bb shell. I did this one freestyle with the big drill and hole saw. It came out pretty good without files; for the first joint that won’t be attached it will be fine. I’m going to get a joint tool for the real bikes.
I’ll wrap this and a few more joints this weekend as I get some West System and fibers. I’ll give more pics then.


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