Whicket Photos of the Bike #1

handmade bicycle, randonneur, steel bike

Here is the first of the pro photos of bicycle number one done by Mark from Mark Mortensen Photography It sure is amazing what a real photog can do with some light and a lens. He made some amazing photos of the bike and I will be hanging a few of them on my wall. You can too by purchasing them from him.
I have ideas for several new bikes, bamboo and steel; I’m just awaiting the release of funds from the wife. I’m intending to make a debut at the Rocky Mountain Bicycle Show in August but we’ll see how that goes with a new little man coming into the world in the next few weeks (hopefully soon…I can’t wait to meet this dude!)
Till then I’ll keep you posted with bits and pieces and I promise not to make so many poor pictures of each bike, just the good ones.


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