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Recap of the week…

Yeah, a whole lot going on in the world today.  I won’t complain about our president’s (Pelosi’s sp?) stimulus package until we hit the depression stages.  I’ll be out at Walmart with my credit cards until then!  The US is heading to shit and quick but atleast it’ll be on a gravy train with biscuit wheels for the big banks taking us there, we’ll ride under the tracks.

Did go riding on Thursday night with the fast boys.  Did Buffalo Creek as slow as I possibly could and kept my lunch in.  Seems like the more I ride the weaker I get.  Might have been the blatant misuse of food and booze in Dallas early in the week but excuses aside, it was still fun.  Guys without brakes, freezing fingers and toes, crashes (including one by your author)j, the slickest ice ever made and great single track through fire ravaged mountains.  Cant be beat.  The photos below were taken with the Canon G10, I keep meaning to take some action shots but while I cant keep up with anyone I might be lucky to get an ass shot.  Anyway not much to look at but still it was a fun night.  Here is a link for geeks to the particulars…LINK According to the other GPSs on the ride, the milage is right but the overall climbing is off by +900 feet, but it still sounds good.  Speed and heart rate is for me, you can multiply speed by 2 and divide heartrate by 2 for the other 9 guys riding.

Starry Starry Skys…

The boys at the trail head

Pre-ride readiness

Anyway, off to France for this week.  Hopefully will sell my house over there and I’ll come back a better man.  Stay tuned for full report next week…

Re-Fold the fabric of society…

Not everyone has the choice in life to work close to home.  I am not one of those people.  I chose to work at a job which is close to my home rather than take a job that may have been more lucrative financially.  The largest benefit that I have is a 6 mile one-way commute that can be solved through bike lanes and back streets.  I am a bicycle commuter.  I see single people in large vehicles in hurries to get everywhere with no consideration for anyone but themselves.  People are most often on the phone, by themselves, trying to stay linked into life.  Sitting in a car for 1,2,3,4,5 hours a day to make a living? No sir…not for me.

It’s interesting to think from the perspective of one guy (me) that it’s possible for most people to give up their cars as a daily part of life.  But if you talk the car people, I believe they’ll disagree.  So be it.  I hope for the day of $10 a gallon gas and fewer cars like our more sophisticated and civilized European brethren, for now I’ll know I’m doing some of what I can for the cause.  Here is an interesting link to an article from our weekly free paper Westword It is very bike centric (as it should be) and has some of the plan for what Denver is going to do with it’s overpopulation of car problem.  Visit those on the front lines of the good fight here Bike Denver dot Org

One of my favorite pictures of my personal grocery getter…

All for now.  Keep riding.  Will post again soon.

T.I.T.S (Night Riding)

Green Mountain, Thursday nights.  Hell, High Water, Freezing Temps, no matter the riders, well they ride.  This is my second night riding with the T.I.T.S posse and it was hard. All organized on the MTBR Forums mostly regulars but they sure are nice to fat slow guys like me.  First time riding with these guys a few weeks ago had 24 riders ranging from way faster than me to not quite as fast.  It was nice, I rode in the middle all night and had an awesome ride.  This time…Much colder and I didn’t feel so well but as I like to think a bad time riding is better than a good time in front of a computer…so I rode.  14-15 boys all very quick, I was the last guy in to every stop, sucking wind and ready to puke.  Good times…

SCAR loaned me a real light that he makes himself called the Amoeba Light…Check em out HERE then buy one from him.  I’ll have a full review as soon as I pony up the kibby to buy one myself.  It made the ol’Light In Motion look like a plastic flashlight duct-taped to my handlebars.  It’s amazing the confidence you can have while being able to see in the dark.  Good lights are highly reccomended for night riding on mountain bikes.

Brought the camera along.  Only to have the energy to take pre-ride shots…

I do plan on riding next Thursday and feeling better too.  I’m off to Dallas tomorrow for work, fun, fun.  I might try to bring the big camera out with me then but we’ll see, I don’t need any more weight to carry while chasing super fast single-speeders. Till next time, drink, be merry and ride your bike!

My God! Can People really be this stupid?

The people of North Carolina picked this retard to represent them in our government.  I’m not one for politics as I think both sides are by-products of a corrupt system that hasn’t worked since Washington (if in fact it worked then) I am not one to disrespect people for mental or physical deficencies (or maybe I do?) But this guy is a fucking retard, it’s thinking like this that makes us drive our SUVs to Walmart to pick up some ammo to protect ourselves from something we know absolutely nothing about!

as found on DrunkCyclist; my home for all my news and porn…I’m sorry North Carolina, I hope this fuck doesn’t represent any reality of Amercan (sp) life but it sucks that he does…Sorry sorry fucking state of affairs.  If this guy ever gets off the meth and quits the latex male hookers, I hope he realizes the error in his ways and gets hit by a bus while waiting for a bumper fluid refill on his hummer.  Not that I have anything against people who think differently than I.

read more about this asshole HERE or HERE…That good ol’boy just sucks!

Away from the stupid people and on to some really creative ones found at this wicked site HERE

We all say we’re going to the garage to work on that “wood” project.  This guy really did!

the entire site is super cool with creative design, check out the whole thing!

Everybody needs to beleive in something…I believe I’ll have another beer!   F E A R

Ride Fast Take Chances  …  Night Ride Tomorrow … It’s gonna be cold, all the reason to drink more!

Riding in January

We had a wicked good day today in North Boulder County. Today’s “adventure” was Heil Ranch to Picture Rock as an out and back. First time for me and boy was it fun. View the GPS data for the ride HERE
Being a new ride, I had to see what the pundits on had to say about it and what a bunch of whiners! It’s too rocky…boo freakin hoo! The rocks add a level of interest to a fairly mundane trail free from anything technical. For those who think this is too rocky, I saw your brother out on the highway in tight pants…be with him, he needs you. Anyway the trail is fun, the climb is very easy compared to the other rides on the front range (APEX, White Ranch, MT. Falcon or any other trail you could name here). It is well designed to make it easy and the descent to the picture rock trail head is really fun and well thought out by the trail designers. Thanks! It’s a little sketchy with beginner riders and other trail users but slow down, be polite and there are no problems.
We did the ride up from the road side which added about 4 easy miles and then did some trails which I’ve already forgot, but go there and have fun. Here are some pictures from myself and from Troy who I just me today at the trail head.
Everything shot today by me was done by the Canon G10, i’m liking this camera more and more as I’m using it for what I bought it for.

Gotta add myself first
Gotta add myself first

This photo is from Troy.  Me riding down some trail on Picture Rock.  Good Times, love having guys with skills behind the camera.

No matter how you get your kicks whether it’s riding bikes or boards (one or two with crutches) you need to eat here after riding, you won’t be dissapointed.  It’s the best or second best mexican food in all of Denver and that says a whole freaking lot.  That’s all for this post, I seriously doubt I’ll do anything interesting besides solve some time series analyisis this week sooooo, I’ll post later.

Troy flowing through the paved switch backs on Picture Rock trail

Scott getting funk in front of an old car. (left)

My favorite photo from the day…Just the boys posing for a pic on a fantastic January day.  Riding beats everything.  No matter what’s wrong with the world, go riding and all is well for a minute, and that’s worth it.

Boy isn't riding a mountain bike fun?

Troy, just riding along.  How much fun is this??? It’s fucking January!

Your fearless author.  Midride and having fun.  Now boys and girls…Go ride your bikes or whatever (whomever) you need to ride to have fun!!!!

More pictures from Troy…

Hope you enjoy todays post, there will be many more. Buy my house in France and I can live free and ride as much as I want! Check out Michelle’s site about what we’re doing with our suburban yard.  It’s pretty cool, not everyone has the balls but you should!  Have a nice day!

Step away from the gas pump!! Step away Fatty!!!

I haven’t been making any photographs lately so to console my creative side with the horrid sub-human reality that they call television.  Hi-Def, Lo-Def WTF give me some MOS DEF and turn that fucking thing off.  Television is truly created to retard the greater race known as humanity.

Anyway, to some important things in life. Bicycling.   A cool article from a mag that i’ve never heard of here shows some pretty cool commuter bikes.  Some of the facts that surround bicycle vs car commuting are freaking outstanding:  (taken from people smarter and more diligant than me)

  1. Bicycles increase mobility for those who don’t have access to motor transport.
  2. Bikes increase mobility for those who don’t qualify to drive a car.
  3. Bicycles increase mobility for those who can’t afford motor transport.
  4. Bikes increase mobility for those who don’t want to drive motor vehicles.
  5. Bicycling can be faster than walking, transit or motor vehicles.
  6. Bicycling is the most energy efficient form of transportation ever invented.
  7. You get exercise from bicycling.
  8. Save travel money by biking. If the switch is from a car this includes purchase price, gas, tires, fluids, insurance, maintenance, washing, parking, etc.
  9. Reduce stress by bicycling.
  10. Biking is therapeutic for the mind and spirit — is fun and can make you happy.
  11. Cycling is therapeutic for the cardio-vascular system, live healthier.
  12. Regular cycling provides better muscle tone, bone mass improvement, clearer skin
  13. Regular bicycling helps with personal weight management — new full-time bicycle commuters can expect to lose an average 13 pounds their first year of bicycle commuting if they maintain the same eating habits.
  14. Bicycling is a great initial activity for people who are obese and help them on their way to a healthier life.
  15. Regular cycling can lead to lower health care expenses — save money for a nicer vacation.
  16. Allows the rider to appreciate the more of the nuances of the natural and built environment around them.
  17. Your commute will be the best part of your day instead of the worst part of your day.
  18. The exercise increase your productivity at work
  19. Cycling improves your self-esteem.
  20. Save on the membership to a health club, get your exercise bicycling to work, school, shopping, etc.
  21. Bicycling is nearly a life-long activity

Read all of these and more at and give them money!

Lesson for today:  If you drive your car every day…. YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM!!! Get out and see what’s outside your car besides the fucking mall!

Instructional video of getting home from the bar:

Happy F*&%ing New Year!

So it’s another year.  I’m fat, so what.  The weather has been beautiful here in Metro Denver the last few days and I’ve been side-saddled with a nasty virus, no riding for me.  I’ll hit the commute tomorrow and lose a lung in a meager 6 miles, fun stuff.  Any how have a look at my latest “art” project;

Not the best one ever but still fun.  When you take shitty photos, there is always some help in PS3.

Anyway need to throw a shout out to Victory Brewing Company for making the amazing Hop Wallop Ale.  Absolutely amazing, kick you in the nuts with the hops, deliciousness.  The balance of some great malts with that much fantastic hops.  Awesome.  12 bucks a sixer here in Denver but worth every freaking penny.

Will be riding this weekend.  Taking it easy (the only way I can) and pedaling Green Mountain and Dakota Ridge (if dry enough).

Hope both of you have a great new year and keep riding!